Friday, October 9, 2009

What Is The Lightbody?

The Lightbody is the 5th dimensional energetic bridge between the Higher Self in the higher dimensions and the human physical and energetic bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) and personality consciousness. It is composed of sound, light, colour and geometries. It holds the template for us to return to our true nature as beings of Light. We normally look something like the glowing white ETs in the movie Cocoon.

When we first incarnate the Lightbody is normally dormant. We feel disconnected from Spirit/God/All That Is. The Ascension process requires us to reactivate the Lightbody so we can fully reconnect to Spirit/God/All That Is. This involves clearing all the energetic structures, programming and beings keeping us asleep in unconsciousness in the Game of Separation from Spirit. The rebuilding of the pathways that will reconnect us energetically and consciously to our Higher Self can then commence.

We also need to let go all the illusory ego emotional separation programming that creates the story of our lives. When the time is right the Higher Self will send specific encodements into our Lightbody to turn us into beings of Light again and transcend this third dimensional Earthly reality and take full memory of this experience of being so separate from God back with us. This is true immortality, the preservation of memory. Normally when we transcend dimensions, those who cannot cope with the consciousness shift loose all memory of the third dimension during the transition.

Lightbody Integration work has been brought to Earth due to humanity’s request to the Karmic Board of Earth for a means to dismantle the Game of Separation as every experience that Spirit/All That Is desired to have by playing this Game has been completed. It comes from outside the rules of the Earthy Matrix, as a karmic dispensation, in order to dismantle the Matrix. We only need to have the square root of 1% of the World’s population (less than 8000 people) to hit a trigger frequency of consciousness then everyone on Earth wakes up. This is because we are all connected as One via the Christ Consciousness Grid surrounding Earth.

The Lightbody is the means for us to return to our true nature which is Love.

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