Friday, November 20, 2009

Heavenly Support

We all have "bad" days. Days when we feeel tired, overwhelmed, sad, angry, frightened, worried and all the rest. Sometimes we go through difficult periods such as a relationship break-up, a bereavement, work problems, financial stress. When we feel these emotions, our frequency drops and it makes it more difficult to rise out of the difficulty. We can fell trapped in our negative thinking and feeling.

A simple way I find of changing the energy is to focus on something that is inspiring to you. This could be an Ascended Master, an Angel, someone you find inspiring (e.g. Gandhi, Mother Teresa), or simply a quality like Love or Beauty.

Recently, I got ill from eating bad fish and as a result I became quite toxic. I decided to do a liver cleanse to clean out the toxins. After that, I had a day of feeling very heavy, tired, confused, unworthy. I was detoxing emotionally. I decided not to allow those feelings to take me over and to focus on that which inspires me. I feel very inspired by Jesus Christ, or Sananda as he is known in his Ascended state (I am not a "Christian"). He had so much courage to come to Earth when the consciousness of humanity was so low and his message of Love and Compassion is so powerful. He succeeded in embodying Divinity in a Human body. I connected to Sananda's energy perhaps 10 times that day, and again on going to sleep.

The next day I awoke in a state of spontaneous Bliss and Gratitude. I thanked Sananda for his support.

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