Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Twenty Two Movements Of God

Esoterically, sound is creative.

Our birth certificate names are made up of the Movements/Sounds/Words of God in the act of of the creation of Creation.

Hebrew is one of the sacred languages that comes out of this movement. There are 22 Movements/Sounds in Hebrew.

These sounds are programmed into our energy systems and our DNA, by our soul and create our reality in each moment by the Law of Attraction.

These 22 sounds set in place the karmic patterns or challenges for our lives, the latent talents or abilities we are to develop to overcome the challenges. They also put in place our goals or dreams, the underlying drive we have in life we are here to fulfill. Overall they set in place our purpose in life, our soul destiny, why we decided to incarnate on Earth once more.

Aleph (1): This is the male aspect of God and represents Unity, Power and Stability. It is all about coming into the proper use of spiritual power with integrity.

Beth (2): This is all about support and objectivity. It is about coming into emotional resilience, balance and great wisdom

Gimel (3): Overcoming unworthiness to access the depth of soul wisdom and knowledge and to communicate it out into the world. Great leadership and teaching abilities.

Daled (4): It represents the duplication of God's abundance and the sharing of it in the World. It is about coming into a place of worthiness & trust to receive God's abundance, then to duplicate and pass it on to others.

Heh (5): This is changing and growing with continuous movement, coming into the physical world from the world of abstraction. Being pioneering, courageous and seeking freedom. Expressing the truth no matter what.

Vuv (6): Taking an idea that is true for you and manifesting it into physical reality through focus and will.

Zion (7): The link which unites. Opening the heart, expressing your true self in the world. Connecting with and networking people together so that a greater unified whole emerges from this action.

Ches (8): Grounding on the Earth plane physically and emotionally and creating a perfectly harmonised interaction with your external environment.

Tes (9): The dragon/serpent energy. This is about coming into great flowing steely, invincible power. A powerful catalyst for change. Very creative. Really surrendering and connecting to Spirit. You are protected by God with this energy.

Yod (10): This is the potential manifestation of Spirit into this reality. Connected to Source. The balanced expression of masculine and feminine energies in service on Earth.

Caf (11): A sign of assimilation that discerns from all the forms, ideas and concepts that come to it and creates/builds a new structure of truth from them.

Lamed (12): This is the absorbtion, expansion and expression of great love and knowledge. It flows and is always seeking growth.

Mem (13): The Divine Feminine aspect of God. Love, wisdom and passive maternal action. Stillness, waiting for those who need to be unconditionally loved to come to it for nourishment.

Nun (14): This is the energy of reflection. A multidimensional mirror where others can see hidden parts of themselves. Emotional intensity and great discernment.

Samech (15): Inner circular movement. On a journey to finding God through feeling in your body either inside out outside ourselves.

Ayen (16): Spiritual energies coming down to the Earth plane which are given material meaning and expression in a way that is accessible to all people.

Peh (17): The flow of God's message to reach people and remind them who they are.

Tzaddi (18): This is finality and solution. After many lifetimes of experience, one reaches a point of having to choose to follow the path of Spirit or not.

Kof (19): Spiritual energies coming down to the Earth plane and manifesting into material form. Creating a space for others to understand and achieve their goals.

Resch (20): The energies of great movement and exploration in life, these are always moving and seeking new experience.

Shin (21): The Mother energies of God, utilising intelligence, duration, strength and durability to last, overcome and grow.

Tau (22): The reconnection back to our Source, completion of the cycles of incarnation. The creation of oneness within Self. The blending of mind body and soul. Accessing all of the multidimensional parts of oneself from here to The Source. Being of total service.

These sounds create the content of our human ego, the lens through which we view life. They create the context of our life within this reality for us to work through so that we can awaken from our unconsciousness and re-experience ourselves as All That Is once more in a very specific way.

If you would like to know more about the The Spiritual Map Of Life and how there is a complete Divine Order in how the sounds of your name are creating your reality in each moment

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when Spanish phonetics will be available?

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Great tips and very easy to understand. This will definitely be very useful for me when I get a chance to start my blog
What is ascension

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