Sunday, August 7, 2011

Soul Contract Reading Training: Second Day

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On the second day we did more example readings of friends & family of the students to keep giving them a transmission of how the reality of people's lives are created in each moment by their soul contract. The aim being to cover all of the 22 Hebrew numbers we use. This is to begin to establish in the students minds the essence of the meaning of each number relative to the others. Gave the structure of how a reading is put together in terms of tuning into the key words within the interpretation manual that resonate for the client. Then how to develop the story with these words that links the talents to the karma & the goals which eventually leads to the manifestation of the soul destiny. This is the playing out of the Spiritual Map of Life for a client so they can see what they have been creating for themselves & where they are on the Map. What obstacles they face & how to overcome them to really get on with life.

The afternoon was spent preparing a reading of a friend for another student then delivering it in pairs. This was to get a taste for the interpretation & delivery process.

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