Monday, May 3, 2010

Strange Symptoms

As we get closer to 2012, a gradual raising in frequency is taking place, for earth and all of humanity. These shifts in consciousness can seem seamless, such as people in general being more aware about spiritual concepts. But they can also happen suddenly and have quite an effect at a personal level.

We recently had one such event, with the lunar eclipse on New Year’s eve opening a gateway for more consciousness to arrive on Earth, which culminated in the solar eclipse on the 14th of January. Vast amounts of Unifying Light were downloaded through the Earth’s ley lines and through those people receptive to it. The energy of Unity is reminding us that we are all One, that there is no separation between you and me, or between you and the Divine. All is One.

The initial embodiment of this amazing level of consciousness can cause some very strange symptoms. Personally, I experienced enormous expansion of consciousness and bliss initially, closely followed by feelings of disorientation, feeling slightly wobbly and unbalanced. These feelings were also accompanied by a huge increase in sensitivity so that my nervous system felt overwhelmed by a normal day’s load of sensory input. At a feeling level there was a feeling of being over-stimulated. This was accompanied by insomnia.

The downloads of light were on and off for several days, each time followed by more strange symptoms, including physical detox symptoms such as nausea and headaches, and psychological effects such as an increase in anxiety or fear, questioning everything and feeling homesick. There can also be an increase or recurrence of old symptoms as the body lets go at a deeper level.

It is useful in such times, to surrender to what is happening and allow the changes to take effect. The more we try and control the effect of the Light, the more symptoms we tend to get. We are being transformed to Beings of Light, and to the ego/personality, this is scary and incomprehensible. It is like a fish trying to comprehend what it would be like to live on dry land.

These symptoms occur because our bodies do not know how to cope with the increase in frequency. The Lightbody receives the Higher Light and acts as a bridge between the Higher Self and the physical body. However, as we came here to experience being separate from the Divine, the Lightbody has blocks in it and so we get these strange symptoms. The Lightbody Integration work is designed to remove these blocks and activate the Lightbody so that it can perform its function of bridging the Light with Grace and Ease. This allows the potential for greater embodiment and expression of your Divine Potential.

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