Monday, January 23, 2012

Navigating 2012

Well, here we are at last. It's 2012. Time sped up and its finally arrived. Something we've been waiting for and thinking about for a long time. It is the reason most of us are incarnate here on Earth at this time. We came for this very special occasion, to bring our great gifts of love from many previous lifetimes on Earth and other planets, into manifestation now. You are reading this because you are what are called Service Souls, Lightworkers or Star Seeds. The majority of the population on Earth have deliberately chosen to go very asleep in their consciousness. This is why many of you feel so different from them. You are here to bring a higher level of consciousness into a lower consciousness reality to raise the frequency of all those you come into contact with. Each of you has had vast experience in Ascending a Planetary Game of Separation like this one on Earth having done this many times before.

Within you is stored your Divine Purpose. This is the Sacred Gift of Love that your soul has carried within you for many lifetimes, waiting for a moment like this. The Ascension out of separation/polarity consciousness into Unity Consciousness which we transitioning through this year. Now is the time to bring your Divine Purpose on-line, it is really needed. You may have felt you came here all alone on a solo mission and have had to work it all out by your self. This is not the case. As you clear enough of your emotional ego separation programs your soul's consciousness starts to become more predominant in your life. This is called the point of Soul Integration. As the ego is gradually assimilated into the energies of your Soul, your heart will begin to open more. As this happens it is most important to follow the feeling in your heart as to what is the next right action in each Now moment. Another benefit of this heart opening is that your fellow Ascension Team members, those you contracted with to meet up with again this time around, will start to manifest in your life so together you can Co-Create Heaven on Earth in each Now moment.

The drama of our lives is lived out only within our ego. It is but a small part of the vaster, loving, serene and expanded Higher Consciousness of our Spirit. This is the part of you that is not embodied. As you rise in consciousness and stay connected more and more of the time with your Spirit, the charge within your ego will begin to dissolve into the peace & love of your essential nature. This peace is the first Gift of the Holy Spirit as we make this wonderful transition during 2012. More of these Gifts will start to unfold this year.

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