Sunday, August 7, 2011

Soul Contract Reading Training : Third Day

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On Day 3 we finished off the student readings then looked at different gateways that are incorporated in the some of the 22 numbers. These are the symbolic directions like North, South, East, West, Height & Depth. There are also symbolic body organs e.g. left eye, right eye, small intestine etc. Which actually contain specific programs for the Hebrew number they are associated with. Went to the next deeper layer of the work using examples of relay people and looked at the specific meanings of the numbers in physical karma, talents & goals, then physical karma, talents & goals & the soul destiny. Also started on the recommendations for overcoming the karmic aspects of each of the numbers. For once we have revealed the deepest truth of a pattern someone is trying to transmute its important to give them the tools to undertake this in the most efficient way possible.

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