Sunday, August 7, 2011

Soul Contract Reading Training: Fourth Day

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Looked at Non-English phonetic names today. Converting them into the equivalent English phonetics for conversion into Hebrew sounds. Covered French & Swedish family members of the students. Got quite emotional at times as the truth of parents and siblings lives was revealed for the first time. It's helping the family healing process for the students as they can have more compassion & less charge around the family.

Got into an overview of the deeper process for giving a complete reading. Holding the space for a client so they can be ready to receive the highest level of truth about their lives. Showing them what the issues are they need to face & how to transmute them so they can move forward on the Spiritual Map of Their Life. Gave a very in depth demo reading of how to do this.

Spent the rest of the afternoon with the students giving in depth readings to each other which is the climax of the course. To see how much they have learnt & integrated. Giving feedback to help them refine their reading presentation skills.

Everyone feeling tired from the strong energy transmission but satisfaction felt by all including me at the very end.

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