Monday, January 23, 2012

A Day In The Life of Nicolas David Ngan: Principal of the Center For Conscious Ascension

5AM: Woke up early, it's still dark outside. I've been fighting a low grade virus for the past couple of weeks. Made my head fuzzy and the surface of my brain hurts. Been treating it with Colour Light Therapy Immune Treatments. Feel clearer this morning for the first time in a fortnight. Great! I usually wake up with lots of new ideas bubbling up from my subconscious, well really from my Spirit. Usually they are for the next part of my first book "Your Soul Contract Decoded: The Spiritual Map of Life". Spirit is writing the book through me. There is definitely a Divine Plan in action here. What I initially thought was a straightforward DIY way of self generating a Soul Contract Reading for readers has turned into something much more expansive.

It's an exciting week as my literary agent is finalising negotiations with several publishers on a deal to publish the book. I am quietly optimistic that the Universe will come up with something wonderful by the end of the week that will take this work out to the whole world. I've been working on it since October 2010 when the idea for it which had been kicking around in the back of my mind for several years really got catalysed into reality by a Nick Williams authors workshop. That was the beginning of a long journey of rapid unfoldment for the material. The process feels a little surreal at times and part of doesn't quite believe it's all happening. But the Universe clearly has a plan for it as great people keep turning up to help me get it out there, like my friend Steve Nobel, who's also a writer, and has given me the low down on how this process works, Julia McCutchen, my publishing consultant and Susan Mears my literary agent. There are also the various editors who have shown great enthusiasm for the material. Doors just keep opening at the right time, so be it. I 'm going to write some more of the later chapters now which are nearly done.

7am: I've reached the end of the creative writing flow for the book for now. The energy has dropped. It feels like it's time to go back to sleep for a while to compensate for the unusually early start this morning. Its a busy day ahead.

930am: Woke up refreshed. Grey and rainy outside. Feel like the worst of the darkness is over this winter. Looking forward to Spring. Feels like 2012 s all about new beginnings for humanity. New seeds of consciousness sprouting for the first time. Its exciting this time. Can't wait to get on with the year. Lots of old structures in the world are being deconstructed and new, higher conscious ones are being built by all of us as a collective consciousness to replace them. People are taking their power back, we are no longer relying on some outside authority to run our lives. Power is being redistributed throughout the world. Great change is indeed upon us. Back to more mundane things, time for an abhyanga (Ayuvedic oil massage) and the 5 Tibetans yoga ( a form of yoga) to get grounded and centred for the day. Then breakfast.

1030am: Working on some legal documents. Does my head in this stuff as you've got to get it exactly right. Means lots of read throughs and continuous small corrections. Glad I didn't become a lawyer.

1230pm: Headed off to Ahlmeirah's place (my ex-business partner who I used to run the Center For Conscious Ascension with) for lunch. It's always good to bounce ideas off each other, rather than having to work things out by ourselves. Lightworkers need lots of mutual support and we are no exception. It's a lot better to work in teams, even if its just regular support and not a full business partnership any more as is this is the case for us.

230pm: After a longer than planned lunch, we got into working on a joint online client database. Different discipline required here to get our heads around what our website people had built for us. The aim here is to have a means of understanding what has been going on with our businesses quickly and easily. Learning more skills again. More stretching of our minds.

3pm: Rushed down to the Post Office to send my legal documents. Spent some time with my son who just got home from school.

4pm: More work on the database. Not as traumatic or as complex as I thought it might turn out to be. Setting the schedule for summer workshops, including Manifest Your Soul's Contract, Integration Workshop for Walk-Ins. The way we do this is to look at the possible dates on a wall calendar and feel which ones are the strongest energetically for each so that the spiritual energy can be as supportive of them as much as possible. Helping Ahlmeirah with miscellaneous computer issues. Preparing product for this weekend's Divine Healing Level 2 Training presented by Ahlmeirah.

6pm: Headed home to chill out over a nice Asian Fusion dinner.

7pm: Catching up on a pile of admin and client emails. Chilled out watching The Shawshank Redemption. Very moving to see how men really started to value the time we have in life when that is taken away from them while imprisoned.

Navigating 2012

Well, here we are at last. It's 2012. Time sped up and its finally arrived. Something we've been waiting for and thinking about for a long time. It is the reason most of us are incarnate here on Earth at this time. We came for this very special occasion, to bring our great gifts of love from many previous lifetimes on Earth and other planets, into manifestation now. You are reading this because you are what are called Service Souls, Lightworkers or Star Seeds. The majority of the population on Earth have deliberately chosen to go very asleep in their consciousness. This is why many of you feel so different from them. You are here to bring a higher level of consciousness into a lower consciousness reality to raise the frequency of all those you come into contact with. Each of you has had vast experience in Ascending a Planetary Game of Separation like this one on Earth having done this many times before.

Within you is stored your Divine Purpose. This is the Sacred Gift of Love that your soul has carried within you for many lifetimes, waiting for a moment like this. The Ascension out of separation/polarity consciousness into Unity Consciousness which we transitioning through this year. Now is the time to bring your Divine Purpose on-line, it is really needed. You may have felt you came here all alone on a solo mission and have had to work it all out by your self. This is not the case. As you clear enough of your emotional ego separation programs your soul's consciousness starts to become more predominant in your life. This is called the point of Soul Integration. As the ego is gradually assimilated into the energies of your Soul, your heart will begin to open more. As this happens it is most important to follow the feeling in your heart as to what is the next right action in each Now moment. Another benefit of this heart opening is that your fellow Ascension Team members, those you contracted with to meet up with again this time around, will start to manifest in your life so together you can Co-Create Heaven on Earth in each Now moment.

The drama of our lives is lived out only within our ego. It is but a small part of the vaster, loving, serene and expanded Higher Consciousness of our Spirit. This is the part of you that is not embodied. As you rise in consciousness and stay connected more and more of the time with your Spirit, the charge within your ego will begin to dissolve into the peace & love of your essential nature. This peace is the first Gift of the Holy Spirit as we make this wonderful transition during 2012. More of these Gifts will start to unfold this year.

Click here for tools to help you Navigate 2012.

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