Friday, November 30, 2012

Soul Contract Reading Training:Web Video Conferencing Version From the Comfort of Your Home

Session 1: Had a great first 2 hour session, with students from Canada, the UK and India. Introduced the basic concepts of this work, giving everyone an overview of how this works, where Hebrew sounds are used to match to those in someone's birth certificate name. Out of the Hebrew sounds we extract the hebrew numbers which are then used to interpret the meaning of someone's life.

Have just completed Session 2: covered the karmic duality of the double letters e.g. 3: Gimel: This is about one’s inner reality and how one really feels about oneself. It is about understanding abundance and learning to feel that abundance within. So, one could manifest physical poverty which is directly linked to the feelings of poor self worth. Alternatively, there could be physical wealth but complete emotional poverty. The lesson is in learning about self worth and the more self worth one develops, the more we grow towards wealth, be it physical or emotional.

We then covered the essence of the meaning of the symbols associated with the 22 letters of hebrew

...and finished off with how to generate a chart from someone's birth certificate name. Tonight the students will be practicing doing charts on their families to find out how they really tick. It could be a late night for some of them as they find out the truth about those really close to them.

Session 3: We clarified the Soul Contract Chart generation process using a Star of David to decode the Hebrew phonetic sounds in someone's name as 6 sets of numbers in the form of physical and spiritual karma, talents and goals and how to calculate their soul destiny or life purpose from this.

Did a case study reading and started to get to grips with how the Soul Contract Numbers are interpreted differently depending on whether they are in a karmic, talent of goal aspect in someone's chart.

By Karma we mean the set of unresolved past life issue the soul brings in to be resolved in this lifetime. They create the negative context of our life so we can decide what we do want in life. e,g, if you experienced a lot of disempowerment, feeling like a victim as a child, then the soul is wanting you to step into your power.

By Talents, we mean the latent qualities you have that rise to the challenge of overcoming your karma.

By Goals we mean the underlying drive or dream you have in life. What gets you out of bed in the morning and really engage with life. Click "Like" if this commentary touches you.

Session 4: We went into more depth with the numbers looking at the 3 which is all about overcoming unworhtiness to be loved so as to bring out the wisdom and leadership of the soul from the depths of one's being. The 9 which is all about transmuting the shadow pattern of disempowerment and resistance to trusting your inner spiritual guidance. Transforming it into catalyic, dragon like flowing power that can do anything it wishes on the Earth plane. The 10-1 whch is all about the potential manifestation of the balanced male-female aspects of God onto the Earth plane to be of great spiritual service to others. The 4 which is about trusting in the flow of nature....and finally the 8 which is all about creating a clear emotional boundary with others so as to ground into the body on the Earth plane to emotionally connect with them. The students were fascinated by the meaning of the numbers in their own charts. 

Session 5: Going deeper into the numbers, We looked at the 12 which is about learning to overcome obstacles to expand yourself out into the world in a balanced way. To absorb an, expand and communciate knowledge to the world. To see the best in people. The 5 which is all about the pioneer expressign their truth through overcoming fear of persecution for doign so. The 11 which is learning to discern from all the different ideas and influences that come to you what is your structure of truth. The 2 which is all about coming into emotional resiliency and wisdom in life through making foolish decisions. The 20 which is about great movement in life, exporing many different experiences to find your turth. Coming to peace within yourself. The 18 which is about makign a decision to follow Spirit/God or not in your life. The 6 which is aobut reconnecting othe creativity of the soul. The 15 which is about trying on many different experiences to find the life path that feels right to you.

If you would like to find out what your Soul Contract numbers are , simply email me ( your birth certificate name and birth date and I can send you a chart. In addition to that, I can also offer you a free 20min Taster reading by Skype/phone if you are curious to find out more about what they mean and how they create your life in each moment.

I will gradually share the meaning of all 22 numbers as we progress through the current online training that runs till mid January.

If you would like to generate your own Soul Contract Numbers you can down load the free (for 30 days) software (Windows only), install the Basic version, then read the Help section on how to use it.

This software is designed for English names pronounced the way they are written. If this is the case for you it should give you the correct numbers. If you have Non-English words in your name just email me ( your birth certificate name and date of birth and I will convert it to the equivalent English phonetic sounds and send you the correct chart.

The 16 is all about bringing spiritual energies down to the Earth plane and making them acessible to others in plain English. This is from a place of having an open heart in how you express your feelings and thoughts. Being totally authentic, showing your real self.

The 17 is all about overcoming suppression of your expression, especially from parents/family/partner, basically some one you have given your power away to and learning to speak in a grounded way out in society.



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